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Hidden Gems in Amari Goes to Dinosaur Land

As Amari's book reaches a sales milestone, I thought it would be cool to discuss some of its visible and hidden messages...

🎂 One is for kids who had to celebrate their birthday during COVID-19. We featured his birthday Zoom party that included family and friends from near and far. We made the most of the situation and it turned out great! We wanted other kids to know it's okay if you can't celebrate your birthday the traditional way.

🎖 One is for military kids who get to stay in touch with their loved ones on Active Duty by phone, mail and video chat. We were intentional about including Jerald in the book. He is in a photo frame on the wall and featured on the tablets!

🤎 One is for children of color everywhere who desire to be in roles that they are not typically seen in, like a paleontologist! Of all of the museums, attractions and libraries we visited, we haven't seen a single one. Of course, he may change his mind but I love that he is exploring this topic so thoroughly at such an early age.

🎨 One is for those creative kids who dream big and need to know that their imagination is a limitless place full of wonder and possibilities. The phrases in the book are Amari's actual words that I captured during his creative playtime.

👩‍👦👨‍👦One is for kids whose parents are no longer together but find a way to co-parent well and make sure the other parent is included as much as possible even though they aren't physically present. His dad actually helped with giving advice on the book from start to finish. He still gives feedback on how to improve the website as it grows and is helping with social media marketing. Oh, and he's "slanging books" from his trunk.

🐱‍🐉 Also, I was a dino fan myself in elementary school. I've noticed that over the years they've discovered new dinosaurs that I didn't get to learn about as a child. We introduced one of those in the book. We're sharing knowledge and updating you guys on advancements in science.

That's some of what Amari Goes to Dinosaur Land seeks to accomplish. Did you notice any of those when you read the book?

- Tammie, Co-Author of Amari Goes to Dinosaur Land

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