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Amari at the 2023 Family & Kids Expo

Amari enjoyed autographing his books for families who stopped by his booth today at the Kids & Family Expo in Orlando!

This fun-filled annual event features family-friendly activities and organizations from around Central Florida. We will be back tomorrow for the second round of expo fun and will have giveaways and prizes for those who visit the booth. Get your tickets here!

Thanks for your support for our #LifeWithMari Dinosaur Series!

This is our last print of Amari Goes to Dinosaur Land and Amari Goes on an Expedition. 🥹 We're happy for such a successful run but it's time to move to other projects. We appreciate your love for this series and hope you will join us on our next adventure! Buy his books (before they sell out) again here.

So tell us...which was your favorite book in the #LifeWithMari series?

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