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  • Do you ship internationally?
    Not at this time.
  • May I receive a refund for my digital download?
    We are unable to provide refunds for digital downloads at this time.
  • When will the next book in the "Life with Mari" series be released?"
    Amari the Paleontologist is expected to be released in Summer 2021.
  • Do you have a coupon code I can use?
    Join our email list for the latest deals on books and other Life with Mari products.
  • What size is the softcover book?
    The softcover book is full-cover, glossy cover and is 8"x10".
  • Is a hardcover book available?
    Sorry, we only have digital and softcover versions at this time.
  • How will I know that a new book has been released?
    Join Amari's email list for the latest updates on his books, events and products.
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