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About Amari

Author and Dinosaur Enthusiast


Amari Cooper Ferguson

Author of the #LifeWithMari Series

Amari Cooper Ferguson, author of the animated dinosaur series, Life With Mari, is a kindergartener by day and martial arts ninja by night. He loves playing in water, with his friends from school and with dinosaurs. 

His dad is an active duty service member which makes him a proud "Army Brat". His big brother, Jamal, is studying to be an aviation mechanic. Big brother, Marcus, is currently a ROTC student in Hawaii. Mr. Mike is his stepdad and best buddy.

Photo Credit: Amari's Awesome Kindergarten Teacher, Mrs. Vasek

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Tammie Cooper

Amari's Mom, Co-Author and PR Agent

When she's not working full-time in non-profit marketing management, Tammie Cooper is busy helping Amari with homework, cooking and coming up with ideas for his #LifeWithMari Series. 

Tammie is a native of Moss Point, MS and loves being a boy mom to Jamal, Marcus and Amari. 


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