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D. Dabney, Georgia

This book is Elias-Jayce approved. This three-year-old knows his dinosaurs. As soon as I pulled the book out he said, "Ooohh dinosaurs! That's a Brachiosaurus and a Tyrannosaurus.

Claude P., Florida

"The illustrations really capture Amari's personality. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to experiencing his next adventure!"

George S., Mississippi

"This book is full of gems. It takes you on an adventure and educates you at the same time. I'm nearly 40 and learned new things about dinosaurs.

K. Scarlett, Oklahoma

"Wow! I just read the entire book to the boys! They both loved it and were excited about the dinosaurs. I had no clue who a paleontologist was prior to tonight." 

P. Turner, Florida

"My daughter loves his imagination in this book!"

Ricky A., Oklahoma

"Amari's book is awesome and put together very well. I love the illustration and it clearly shows his love for dinosaurs. "

J. Vogan, Virginia

This book is so cute and great for young kids. I bought it for my boys (8 and 4 years old) and they both absolutely love it. The illustrations are amazing and my eight-year old can easily read it. My boys even notice the picture of the Soldier. My four-year old said "Look dad, it's a Soldier like you and mom." The boys loved Amari's creativity and imagination. After we read it to them, both boys wanted to find a box so they can make a house and a time machine!!! Definitely a must have for all kids. We cant wait to see what's next!

Eula Moore

E. Moore Davis, Mississippi

I ordered this book, and it was AMAZING. Even me (as an adult) loved the book. I learned a few things about dinosaurs while enjoying the amazing graphics! Great job Amari and mom! We love it! Support and order your copy today! You won't be disappointed.

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